Olesia and Vitali have been married for 18 years. He is a private entrepreneur and she is a housewife. Olesia and Vitali have two sons of their own (Ruvim and Mark). They have always dreamed of helping abandoned children without parental care.

At the residential school in Popenki they met Christina and Vlad who are a brother and a sister. The family liked the children right away and after a number of long and frequent visits to the school they took the children into their family. This is how they have become now. Christina and Vlad quickly got used to the new family and became friends with Ruvim and Mark. They went to a new school where they made many friends among their classmates.

Vitali and Olesia are absolutely happy that they have such a good and big family. So they decided to open the doors of their house to some new children.

After a long search the Zinkovich family took into their care three children: two brothers and a sister. Angelina is 8, Daniel is 5, Maksim is 3. The children were taken out of a dysfunctional family and were in a residential school for about a year.

Their biological mother and father cohabited in Bender. The man was too jealous and after another fight because of jealousy he killed the mother of his children right in front of Angelina. At that time she was 7 years old. The father went to prison and Daniel and his sister Angelina were placed in the children’s home in Bender. Their smaller brother Maksim was placed in the children’s home in Tiraspol.

The children are currently adjusting to their new family. The foster parents are delighted by them and hope they can make them happy.

HELP NEEDED: All the children go to school or kindergarten or some club or other. They parents try to encourage all the hobbies of their children and give them a versatile development. Besides, the family like to spend time together out in the open or drive up to town to go to a park or the theatre.

Now they have a five-seat car, and trips for the whole family are impossible (children get sick and it is not safe). The family really needs a big car but they do not have enough money for it. A car that the family needs ss much costs $5000. They have already saved up $2000 and they still need another $3000.

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