Ruslan and Skezhana have been married 20 years. For the first 11 years they had no children. But it changed all of sudden and in a short while they had one after another two boys and two girls. Being overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude they decided to take an orphaned girl Lena aged 12 into their family.

Lena was very timid and fearful when she moved in. But step by step she gained confidence and started to call Ruslan and Snezhana father and mother. She is now in the 9th grade and studies very well. One night a knock came on the Evseyevs door. It was Alcina aged 15. She asked if they could take her in. Ruslan and Snezhana have known this girl for several years. Alcina with her younger brother Omer were attending charitable events where Snezhana cooked free meals. Their mother died from cancer. Omer was taken to an orphanage and Alcina found her biological father and started to live with him. But soon after things turned for worse and the father being unable to meet his ends meet decided to give up on the daughter and send her to an orphanage. When the Evseyevs learnt of her situations they had no second thought as to help her. Soon they realized that her brother was in the orphanage and decided to take him as well.

The family is far from being wealthy as only the father has a job. Many things are needed as the kids grow. Besides the parents want to give the children good education.

One of the problems they face is the living accommodations. The family lives in a house inherited from the grandparents. It needs renovation and refurbishing. All three girls share one room. All these problems prevent the parents from spending much time with the children and give them needed attention.

Despite of all of that the family lives in harmony. Biological and foster children alike help the parents. The entire family gets together every night around the table and there is no happier family than the family of Evseyevs!

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